How it all started…

Chiang-MaiAn avid traveler, Stef found her passion for massage whilst traveling through Thailand. Inspired by their holistic approach to healing the body, Stef undertook a massage course there and then!

On return to NZ she then graduated with Diploma in Therapeutic Massage with Commendation from the Lotus Holistic Massage College in 2002.

In Summer 2003, she moved to Bay Of Plenty to commence her career amongst a positive and outdoor-orientated society.  Since then Stef has managed the Massage Centre at the Mount Hot Salt Water Pools and has been the Massage Therapist to The BOP Steamers rugby team in recent times and Contracted Massage therapist to the Waikato Chiefs

Our Approach

The Right for Life approach is to listen to you first. Through listening we can build a complete picture, helping us direct our skills to were it is most needed so you can achieve real results.

Body imbalance or pain is often not where you’d first think to look.

Stef has developed an innovative blend of Massage, Acupressure & Meridian Energy Healing over the past 14 years and has already helped many hundreds of people.  This potent style of massage catapults the effectiveness of every session to another level!  It continues to release tension behind the scenes for an additional 24 – 48 hours after the appointment is finished bringing you profound and fast relief from pain and imbalance.

Often we will enhance this by suggesting helpful tips for you to take away so you can feel more in charge of your progress between visits.

Meet the Expert

Stef Crowley – Healer / Master Massage Therapist

Stef_472Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (with Commendation)

Certified Traditional Thai Massage Therapy
Access Consciousness BARS* Practitioner
Advanced Soul Energy Clearing (SEC) Practitioner
Advanced Soul Energy Clearing Certified Teacher
Reiki MASTER Practitioner
Psych-K Facilitator  (Advanced Level)

Travelling through Thailand early in her career introduced Stef to the concept of the connection between the body’s vital energy, emotional state and the physical body

This unique system of Massage and Acupressure catapults the effectiveness of every massage session to another level. Proven to achieve such faster, longer-lasting pain relief. The results of which many people see after just one appointment!


Stef is considered an expert; as she had trained five massage therapists under the Right for Life Massage banner, and for 3 years consecutively, lead intensive training classes in massage techniques for 8 – 10 massage students.


Stef’s Career Highlights ~ BOP Steamers Team Therapist 2010, 2011, 2012, Recovery Massage Therapist – Waikato Chiefs 2011, Massage therapist to Sam Cane (NZ All Blacks) & Grant Elliot (NZ Black Caps)

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