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Soul Release Training Course

Thursday, 21st July – Saturday, 22nd July 2017

What is Soul Release?

Soul Release is training in and around an easy system which uses kinesiology, a pendulum and detailed charts to:

  • Gain answers to many life questions
  • Bring insight to your life and connects you to your innate intuition
  • Heal yourself and others from trauma, emotional baggage, stress, mental upset and harmful thought patterns

In using Soul Release and the accompanying charts, you access your intuitive self and connect with the ‘Big Power Source’, sometimes called ‘Spirit’, ‘God’, ‘Source Energy’ amongst other names.

By connecting to this part of yourself, and working with the pendulum through the charts, you can uncover reasons why things have been the way they have been, and can offer a profound way forward, and can heal many blocks holding you or others back from success and abundance.

It is very effective and can be used for yourself, for others and animals who may be present or may be afar – it works just as effectively either way you use it.

Training courses to be held at:
Right for Life Massage & Energy Centre
52 Girven Road,
Mt Maunganui


Soul Release includes:

Day 1 (evening Pre-course Introduction to Soul Release  Kick off – 5.30 pm – 8.30pm

  • Introduction to the concepts behind energy clearing
  • Who we are as people living on this planet, made of energy
  • How energy relates between people
  • How energy blocks affect our lives – in our past, present and future

Day 2: Kick off – 8.30am – 4.00pm

  • Learning the meanings of the Soul Release Charts
  • Learn how to use a pendulum with trust and skill
  • How to use the combination of the pendulum and charts to clear energy baggage and/or seek answers for questions
  • There will be time to practise to hone your pendulum and still have time for morning and afternoon tea
  • Full set of notes, charts and training folder provided.
  • Morning and Afternoon teas provided on Saturday.

Friday, 22nd July – Saturday, 22nd July 2017

$267 (Early Bird Price if paid before 1st July 2017)
$297 (If paid after 1st July 2017)

Stef is happy to discuss anything with you and invites your contact via stef@rightforlife.co.nz or 021 1056 194.

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Soul Release Advanced Training Course – Saturday August 26th 2017

$299 1 Day Course –  Thorough review of Soul Release philosophies and pendulum charts.

Additional notes on healing, and further advanced Kinesiology techniques are taught in this course.

Participants must have completed Soul Release Course training or (previously named Soul Energy Clearing Training Course).

Right for Life Massage & Energy Centre
52 Girven Road,
Mt Maunganui