Re-direct your body towards balance.

Reflexology is a scientifically proven therapy which stimulates your internal organs, and body systems to work effectively again.

Much more than a simple foot rub, reflexology has the ability to bring about very real change, through the nerve endings in your feet.

When targeted your nerve endings open up energy ‘pathways’ connected to the imbalanced areas in your body, and it specifically directs them towards better function, healing and repair.

We have already helped clients with…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Severe Work and Life Stress
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Digestive Disorders

Have you ever been out in nature and watched a gentle stream or even a fast flowing river?

Water flows naturally, over small pebbles or large boulders, letting nothing get in its way.  Reflexology promotes healing in a similar way allowing every part of the body to come into flow – stagnant, unhelpful energy is replaced with vibrant, positive energy because that is the natural flow of healing.

Your Reflexology Practitioner

Stef Crowley


Stef provides general reflexology, and massage and reflexology blends

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 I have been suffering an undiagnosed abdominal pain for 2.5 years and even had surgery to try and resolve it.

In my first treatment I felt a clear improvement. 

I have seen such an incredible difference in my pain levels without hurting me in the process.

I am so grateful. I always leave in awe of what she has done.  Kate




There are many people out there who offer reflexology, but Reflexology in the right hands takes you far beyond the average foot rub. It’s a specialist therapy which requires intimate knowledge of human body, and how to return it to balance.

Take back control over your life and your health
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Who holds the “remote control” in your house of health? What if you could choose these channels?

• Great health and well-being?
• Joy?
• Fun?
• Abundant energy levels?
• A body which works with you?

That’s what we’re talking about!

Take control over your life and health and together we can activate your body’s natural born ability to heal.

During your appointment Stef will lead you through a detailed medical consultation where we talk about your history, wishes, and goals. She then will design a personalised treatment approach which aims to get you there as fast and as holistically as possible.


Even from one appointment to the next you may see such wonderful shifts.

We adapt our treatment with your changes to take your positive progress further each time.


During your sessions, you may experience many positive results

  • Promotes more blood flow and body circulation. Studies have shown most effective changes in Type II Diabetes, but also stimulates activity in struggling organs such as kidneys, pancreas, stomach and intestines
  • Balances specific hormone-producing internal organs (i.e. thyroid)
  • Decreases your anxiety and depression by producing more endorphins, and relaxation chemicals in your body
  • Strengthens and activates lymphocytes which help fight infection. It will strengthen your overall immune system
  • Reduces many symptoms of clinical depression, post-natal depression , post-menopausal women and actively supports improvement of your moods
  • Activates your endorphins (the rest/relax ‘zen-me-out’ hormones) which increase potential for organ and tissue healing.
  • Gains extra freedom from tension headaches, severe and debilitating migraines
  • Improves blood pressure in older adults, heart disease sufferers.
  • Lessens your cortisol (the Fight/Flight hormones) which dramatically aids in increasing calmness.

Specialist reflexology is both traditional and leading edge therapy that really packs a punch

It’s time now to get serious about your good health and better living.

Make a booking with Stef today and experience the subtle power of reflexology

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