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Thrive!   Weekly Online Abundance Classes

Thrive!  is a like an online yoga class for your body, mind and self.

Do you want to learn:

What it takes to get limitations out of your way
How to connect to your intuition /  Your Inner Guidance System
Begin manifestating your life purposefully and with potential
Utilise Law Of Attraction & Abundance tools, plus much, much more?

Prepare for some great times, tools and amplification of what you really want.

It brings you real tools and practises to apply to your real life situations to create real life changes.


Every Fortnight – Tuesday evenings 8pm – 8.45 pm

16th April
30th April
14th May
28th May
11th June
25th June

Join Your 'Thrive' Tribe

  • Price: $ 15.00
    Thrive! is a class full of tools, lessons, and practise for modern people in a modern world who want to claim back their life and powerfully create their future. We'll be practising: Mini Meditations, Clearings & Learning Tools you can apply right now.
  • $ 0.00


I attended Stef’s Pendulum Workshop on Saturday.  Amazing!!  I just love this modality in energy healing and look forward to being able to take it out into the world to make positive differences in people’s lives. I just loved the workshop, the information was explained clearly and is so engaging. Meeting other like minded people is also a bonus. Totally recommend to anyone interested in energy healing.
~ Trish H


I highly recommend seeing Steph if you want to shift ‘stuff’, not just physically but on lots of different levels.
~ Gail P


I really enjoyed [the Thrive Class] and it really resonated with me looking back on my life.
~ Ange M

If you any burning questions you would like answered, Stef is happy to chat with you,  please contact via stef@rightforlife.co.nz or 021 1056 194.

If you are interested in joining,
please email Stef,  stef@rightforlife.co.nz