Success Stories

I started Right for Life because I enjoyed seeing the joy of people feeling better. What drives our great team at Right for Life now is no different, and we enjoy seeing the joy of successful outcomes for our clients. Here are some of their comments…

Relief of Chronic Back Pain

Scott D   10 February 2018

I have had ongoing discomfort for many years, and came to for relief of [chronic back pain]  Stef provided deep tissue massage and acupressure for all of my back and neck.

Stef is highly professional and enthusiastic about his profession and tailored his service specifically to my needs and was engaging to talk to during the sessions. The acupressure gave me the relief I was looking for.

I would highly recommend Stef if you are experiencing pain and discomfort!


Emotional Healing – Amazing

Katie Court

“2012 was a year of extreme change for me and I spent most of the time struggling to balance my inner and outer worlds.  This came to a head for me one day. The resulting behaviour was so foreign and puzzling that I felt that I just had to get help.

This is when I contacted Stef and we started working together.   My first appointment was for massage and this was very nurturing which is what I needed at the time.

Smiling woman isolated on white background

The energy was moving but I still felt quite blocked.  She then did a healing session and this was an amazing experience that really helped my energy flow more smoothly.

The day after I was treated I literally dragged myself around all day and could hardly do anything I felt so wiped out.  The next day was a bit better and the day after, better again.  On the third day after my session I felt like a new person!

I suddenly felt like everything was back in order instead of feeling like a square peg in a round hole.  I felt reconnected and able to move forward with confidence rather than stumbling through my day.

I am so grateful to Stef as she gives so much during her sessions.  She uses her skills, knowledge and energy to really help things move no matter what type of treatment she is doing.  I needed to follow a process to get back on track and Stef has led me through that process to a better me!!”

Life is a ‘heck of a lot more enjoyable’

Dona Clark

“I first came to Right For Life Massage in Feb 2005, when I was experiencing daily headaches and severe stiffness as a result of my neck surgery where itfeet-out-window was plated and ‘fused’. Sciatica too was an ongoing problem and it was really limiting my enjoyment of the outdoors.

I was in pain almost all day, every day.

I found Stef and began massage sessions once a week for about 5 weeks. My headaches which were a part of daily life, seemed to disappear for longer and longer periods.
From there things improved expodentially. In a while I had almost full neck movement back and those debilitating headaches were reduced to little or none for weeks on end! The sciatica too which was such a problem, eased greatly and these days makes only very brief appearances.

I still go to Stef every 6-8 weeks for an all-over iron out, but feel that life is a heck of a lot more enjoyable.”

Athlete lower back pain – gone!

Dee Lack

Dee originally came to Stef for severe lower back pain which showed up as almost entire immobility. It ached all the time and in her last sporting event she started having tingles in both feet.

In a stressful job as a high ranking police officer, Dee felt she had to keep herself in top and in peak condition.

After just ONE One hour treatment with Stef, Dee came back a week later positively raving about that her lower back ache (which had plagued her for years) had completely disappeared! After just one treatment! She was stoked!

Stef added to her first success with an additional Massage and Acupressure treatment and also gave some suggested stretches and specialised techniques to follow as home-care. Now all the back restriction and pain is gone and there is no tingles anyway.

Dee went on the participate in the 2013 Tauranga Half Ironman and this is what she wrote:
Hi Stef,
Some feedback for you.
Had an awesome race and ‘Oh My God’, No back problems for the first time in 5 years! So the wonderful stretching and massages have helped…thank you!
I also placed 3rd in my age and 13th overall out of 151 age groupers. Had an amazing swim and bike and managed to hold a pace through the run.
I wasn’t going out there to place just have a good bike and swim and have no back pain, so exceeded what I set out to do!
Thanks again
See ya soon, Dee.

Finally Some Relief

Emma Thomas

arm-massageI had been going to a physio for nearly 2 years with little result for my shoulder pain.

I sought a cordisone injection and still not much change.  Then I found Right for Life Massage, and it has literally changed my life around.  I received more benefit out of 3 massage sessions with stretching advice, than I did from 18 months at a physio.

I have since had weekly, then monthly massages and have been suggested different stretching exercises as I’ve gone along, to help me gain more mobility.  I recommend these guys to anyone wanting more than just your usual massage

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17 June 2019 – My body feels new

My arms and hands had years of pent-up tension from constant computer use, but you’ve made then feel NEW again” ~ Athena

20 April 2019 ~Just Awesome

Thanks, Stef and your amazing hands! Shoulder pain has gone and I’m sleeping and feeling more me; just awesome! ~ Tania M

4 Feb 2019 ~ SO much better

I have had bad hips during pregnancy, Stef’s massage was amazing.  I feel so much better and slept much better since!   ~ Alexandra

7 Nov 2018 ~ What a transformation

The best emotional, physical, spiritual person I’ve worked with!  ~ Tracy H

30 Aug 2018 ~ So much better

Just wanted to let you know I feel so much better today! Such a massive difference!! Thank again. ~ Wendy M

22 Aug 2018 ~ Definitely Returning

Your massage was actually really amazing it helped me a heap, and I will be definitely returning. ~ Shane B

Oriel ~ Successful

I am grateful my osteopath referred me to you. My encounters with your massage have been helpful and progressively successful!   6 June 2018

Xan G ~ Smiles all round

A massage from Stef is like a rennovation [for my body]. I’m in a physical job, and I really appreciate feeling good.

Scott D ~ 100x better

I felt 100 x better!  My back pain went from 10/10 pain to 3/10 in just one session.  Cheers Stef!  5 April 2018

Colin I ~ Can’t Believe It

Farming takes it’s toll.  I don’t know exactly what you did, but I felt tingles down my arms in the best possible way, I actually did. ~ Nov 2017

Amber A ~ Shoulder Pain Gone

Quite remarkable.  My shoulder pain disappeared after just one massage, after plaguing me daily for almost 18 months.   21st Sep 2017

Scott C ~ Fast Relief

My painful shoulder was fixed in two sessions.  Stef found the deep muscle causing the pain and now its gone. 20 Sept 2017

Karen ~ From 100 -> 0% Pain

Just wanted to say thank you again for the treatment!   I feel great today – no pain in my back and really well!    02 May 2016