Success Story – Athlete lower back pain – gone!


Dee originally came to Stef for severe lower back pain which showed up as almost entire immobility.  It ached all the time and in her last sporting event she started having tingles in both feet.

In a stressful job as a high ranking police officer, Dee felt she had to keep herself in top and in peak condition.

After just ONE One hour treatment with Stef, Dee came back a week later positively raving about that her lower back ache (which had plagued her for years) had completely disappeared!  After just one treatment! She was stoked!

Stef added to her first success with an additional Massage and Acupressure treatment and also gave some suggested stretches and specialised techniques to follow as home-care. Now all the back restriction and pain is gone and there is no tingles anyway.

Dee went on the participate in the 2013 Tauranga Half Ironman and this is what she wrote:

Hi Stef,
Some feedback for you.
Had an awesome race and ‘Oh My God’, No back problems for the first time in 5 years! So the wonderful stretching and massages have helped…thank you!
I also placed 3rd in my age and 13th overall out of 151 age groupers. Had an amazing swim and bike and managed to hold a pace through the run.
I wasn’t going out there to place just have a good bike and swim and have no back pain, so exceeded what I set out to do!
Thanks again
See ya soon, Dee.