Success Story – Cancer Recovery

Leigh Robertson (CANCER RECOVERY)

I’ve been receiving chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the past 4 months. About a month ago I started going to Jade for reflexology to help with the [side effects of] chemotherapy.  I sleep a lot better following a session and have more energy.  I’ve definitely seen a change in the levels of fatigue from the chemo, and other side effects such as bowel and digestive problems have also been alleviated.  I have a degree of peripheral neuropathy in my hands & feet following chemo, and since starting reflexology this has decreased.  After each session I feel both relaxed and energised!

From a Cancer perspective, reflexology is another tool to help cope with both a Cancer and the cancer treatment as it provides a holistic approach to healing.  Jade is very friendly and professional and there is a relaxing atmosphere at the clinic.  Her massages are also AMAZING!