Success Story – Life is a heck of a lot more enjoyable

Dona Clark

“I first came to Right For Life Massage in Feb 2005, when I was experiencing daily headaches and severe stiffness as a result of my neck surgery where it was plated and ‘fused’. Sciatica too was an ongoing problem and it was really limiting my enjoyment of the outdoors. I was in pain almost all day, every day.

I found Stef and began massage sessions once a week for about 5 weeks. My headaches which were a part of daily life, seemed to disappear for longer and longer periods.
From there things improved expodentially. In a while I had almost full neck movement back and those debilitating headaches were reduced to little or none for weeks on end! The sciatica too which was such a problem, eased greatly and these days makes only very brief appearances.

I still go to Stef every 6-8 weeks for an all-over iron out, but feel that life is a heck of a lot more enjoyable.”