Success Story – So Grateful

Katie Court

“2012 has been a year of extreme change for me and I have spent most of the time struggling to balance my inner and outer worlds.  This came to a head for me one day. The resulting behaviour was so foreign and puzzling that I felt that I just had to get help.

This is when I contacted Stef and we started working together.   My first appointment was for massage and this was very nurturing which is what I needed at the time.  The energy was moving but I still felt quite blocked.  She then did U-Balancing and this was an amazing experience that really helped my energy flow more smoothly.

Although I felt I had made huge progress I was still missing a connection between where I was and where I wanted to be.  We decided to try Universal Link and this again was an amazing experience!  The day after I was treated I literally dragged myself around all day and could hardly do anything I felt so wiped out.  The next day was a bit better and the day after, better again.  On the third day after my session I felt like a new person!

I suddenly felt like everything was back in order instead of feeling like a square peg in a round hole.  I felt reconnected and able to move forward with confidence rather than stumbling through my day.

I am so grateful to Stef as she gives so much during her sessions.  She uses her skills, knowledge and energy to really help things move no matter what type of treatment she is doing.  I needed to follow a process to get back on track and Stef has led me through that process to a better me!!”