Energy Healing & Treatments

Clear Your Emotional Blocks

Ride the wave of positive change and have your emotional baggage dissolved with our potent Massage, Energy Healing Treatments and Reiki blended sessions

Designed to do just that, dissolve and pull out the blocks which can be holding you back from fun, freedom and living life to the full.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure –  joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” — Buddha

Energy Healing can facilitate positive change in your body, emotions and mind.

It assists to change your body’s energy field and thought processes so you can create more of what you want – and avoid attracting what you don’t.

Do you want to:

  • Feel happier
  • Clear away fear
  • Gain greater trust
  • Rise out of depression
  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Heal re-ocurring physical pain
  • Greatly reduce severe anxiety
  • Find greater passion and purpose
  • Be Free of unhelpful attachments to others
  • Clear unwanted / Hindering emotional baggage
  • More confidence in decision-making

Your Energy Practitioner:


Stef Crowley
Energy Clearing Specialist, Intuitive Guide
Reiki Master, Psych-K Facilitator

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A Word from Stef Crowley – Modern Day Healer

“My approach is to bring esoteric theory & modern science together, to create wonderfully powerful change which can be definitively felt; mentally, emotionally AND physically”



What a beyond magical healing session!  My previous heaviness in my legs had changed to tingles and I felt incredibly grounded as I walked back home. Delighted!

Rochelle P

I am so amazed at the changes in my life!  I was in a job I didn’t like and wanted a relationship but was scared. I was going nowhere.

After our healing sessions, I found new courage to put myself ‘out there’ and have attracted a new man into my life who is incredible!
I have started loving myself and seeing the Truth in things. I no longer live just to please others and now am doing things for ‘me’ …  AND ALL THIS in just 2 months.

Lisa W

2014 was a year of extreme change for me and I have spent most of the time struggling to balance my inner and outer worlds.  The resulting behaviour was so foreign and puzzling that I felt that I just had to get help.

This is when I contacted Stef and we started working together.  She did an energy treatment and this was an amazing experience that really helped my energy flow more smoothly.

Stef uses her skills, knowledge and energy to really help things move no matter what type of treatment she is doing.  I needed to follow a process to get back on track and Stef has led me through that process to a better me!!”

Catherine C

Ask yourself these few questions …

Do I feel like I have the world on my shoulders?

Do I get stressed and overwhelmed easily?

Do I stop myself saying things, going places or achieving things, even though I know I can do it?

Am I afraid to let go, to change, to grow, to take a risk? ….

From the momenenergy-treatmentt we are born, we absorb energy from around us

We absorb energy from our parents, our teachers, our friends, our bosses, our partners and others in our life, all these people and experiences can affect the way we feel about ourselves and the way we view the world.

Some of it is helpful and propels us forward, some of it is unhelpful and can hold us back from what we truly desire.  Even if we are not fully aware of them.

As a child you may have heard words like … “Donʼt use that knife – youʼll cut yourself”, “donʼt climb that tree, youʼll fall down”, “be careful of that dog – itʼll bite you”. Or as an adult, you have come across people who say or believe things like … “Donʼt trust men/women, theyʼll always let you down”, “donʼt rely on anyone else, you can only count on yourself”.  “Take a risk  =  You will get hurt”

You take these lessons, these beliefs;  and either internally agree with them, or disagree with them. It is this which creates your belief programmes which reside in and around your body, and silently sabotage you every time a opportunity or situation for growth comes your way.

If these emotional “padlocks” are the ones which holding you back, our energy treatments like U-Balance or Chakra Activation could be the keys to releasing you power and potential.

Release the padlocks and claim the direction of your life.  Stef is here to help in so many wonderful ways.

Energy Healing treatments with Stef Crowley

Unleash your full potential with healing.

If you are looking for a life of greater ease, and happiness, free from frustration, depression, anxiety and struggle – you have come to the right place!

We all have varying amounts of emotional baggage from childhood, past lives, and past experiences.   If you are feeling fine, but wish to release yourself from past baggage or up-level your life and reach your true potential then Stef can assist you.


Massage and Energy healing blend (Energy Massage)

This is a great taster of what to expect in a healing session.  It is much like a massage, but much more effective.

The blend of massage, acupressure and energy shift techniques release your body and begins gently clearing emotional baggage and trauma from your body and it’s energy fields.

Massage & Energy Blend can also assist clients who have had no relief from other health professionals.  I have been the ‘last resort’ for some clients having been to many other practitioners with little or no relief. The energy shift healing treatments Stef offers created the positive change they were looking for.

Energy Healing Session ~ In Clinic or Skype  1 Hour – $140

Each session is personalised to you.

In person “Release” sessions uses a blend of Advanced Reiki, Chakra Activation & communication, Energy Shift Techniques to release many areas of blocks.   Clients generally gain the most out of sessions when they come with a list, or knowledge and intention of what they would like to address.

Skype session uses Advanced Reiki, Energy Shift Techniques, Runes for healing and guidance, to clear emotional blocks and activate flow in and around your body.

Stef has a 100% Money Back Guarantee you will leave feeling lighter, more confident and experience change.

Reiki Treatments   (In Clinic or Skype)  ~ $150

Reiki has been in practised for over 130 years.  Some people say afterwards that they “feel like they could float out of here!” because the feeling of letting go is so wonderfully profound.freedom-image

Fill your newly decorated self with:

Confidence and courage
• Freedom to be your authentic self
• No more people pleasing that may harm you
• Greater calmness and empowerment
• Feeling lighter & more optimistic
• Trusting that life will support you
• Being in control of your life & your lifeʼs path
• Increased surety in decision-making
• Strengthened connection to ‘gut instinct’ and intuition
• Feeling brave to finally take life-changing actions

Itʼs time to feel happy, at peace, grounded, in touch and in tune, appreciated, connected …. and on target!

“ReConnect” (3 sessions Healing & Support)  ~  In Clinic or Skype   $400 – 1 hour sessions,  $600 – 90 min sessions

In Momentum, The first session is set out as above.  The consecutive sessions we reconnect you much more deeply to your inner self, we clear many child-hood based and past life trauma, which often has ways of affecting us today.

Using the Reiki and assisting energy bodywork, we clear many issues around relationships – Family, partners, friends, and with yourself, though often times all sessions are intuitively driven.   Stef adds value by teaching ‘take-home’ tips to assist you on your way, such as visualisations, personalised affirmations or word-reframing so you gain the most positive momentum towards the life if your dreams


“Transformation & Flow”  (6 sessions of Healing, Guidance & Support)  ~ In Clinic or Skype $800 – 1 hour sessions, $1,000 – 90 min sessions

The first session you define the areas of your life you would like to shift

Stef clears and releases relationship issues, forgiveness problems, and reconnects your to your body and inner self again.  Stef also clears issues around blame, and self-worth and past trauma linking you with these.  Many times Energy Healing sessions are guided and may clear this or other areas for shift.

This is a session on channelled guidance / channelled coachin,  with specific affirmations or practises for you to follow for faster changes, greater clarity and confidence.

It’s time to clear out the clutter and emotional junk weighing you down, and spring clean your life to what you want it to look like!

You can be free to move forward fearlessly
You can be free to feel healthier and happier
You can free yourself from fear, anxiety and doubt
You can up-level your life and reach for your dreams