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Life changes with Energy session

Philip B – Felt heaps lighter
After my last massage [and energy] treatment, I was SO empty of stress. You must understand, this stress had been almost crippling me. [After the treatment] I felt I could chill out for days! I had more energy, I felt heaps lighter.


Katie Court —  So Grateful
“I spent most of the time struggling to balance my inner and outer worlds.  This came to a head for me one day. I felt that I just had to get help.

This is when I contacted Stef and we started working together.   My first appointment was for massage and this was very nurturing which is what I needed at the time.  The energy was moving but I still felt quite blocked.  She then did an energy healing session and this was an amazing experience that really helped my energy flow more smoothly.

Although I felt I had made huge progress I was still missing a connection between where I was and where I wanted to be.  We decided to try Universal Link and this again was an amazing experience!  The day after I was treated I literally dragged myself around all day and could hardly do anything I felt so wiped out.  The next day was a bit better and the day after, better again.  On the third day after my session I felt like a new person!

I suddenly felt like everything was back in order instead of feeling like a square peg in a round hole.  I felt reconnected and able to move forward with confidence rather than stumbling through my day.
Stef uses her skills, knowledge and energy to really help things move no matter what type of treatment she is doing.  I needed to follow a process to get back on track and Stef has led me through that process to a better me!!”


Allan Hickey
“I was referred by my sister who had experienced great results.  My first visit to Stef I was possibly at my lowest. 

Separated from my then wife and my business was struggling. I don’t fully recall anything from the first visit however I’m sure there was changes going on.  I decided to make a priority to visit more mainly for the relaxation, however, knowing the healing side was at work.

Stef gave me some advice which turned out to be invaluable, as I found out later.
I have since made many more decisions with clarity and have gone on from strength to strength, which I now attribute to the work that Stef did.”  Thank you for all you have done Stef.

 Annie M – Mt Maunganui

What a joy and relief to have my life back.   I was highly anxious and experienced an intense frozen shoulder which would just not move!  I am now pain free, active, sleeping better and feel mentally strong.  I never dreamed I could feel so normal again. I am forever grateful to you Stef.


At Right for Life I’ve been practicing the special fusion of Acupressure and massage successfully for over 19 years.

I’m committed to your happiness and success – whatever that looks like to you.

As seen above, the results speak for themselves.


If you’re looking for relief which other therapies haven’t been able to help, here is an open door for you to experience what is possible.

Feedback for Right for Life Massage

Dona Clark – Mt Maungnaui
Life is a heck of a lot more enjoyable

I first came to Right For Life Massage when I was experiencing daily headaches and severe stiffness as a result of my neck surgery where it was plated and ‘fused’. Sciatica too was an ongoing problem. I was in pain almost all day, every day.

I found Stef and began massage sessions once a week for about 5 weeks. My headaches which were a part of daily life, seemed to disappear for longer and longer periods.
From there things improved expodentially. In a short while I had almost full neck movement back and those debilitating headaches were reduced to little or none for weeks on end! The sciatica too which was such a problem, eased greatly and these days makes only very brief appearances.

Dee Lack
Athlete lower back pain – gone!

I originally came to Stef for severe lower back pain which showed up as almost entire immobility.  It ached all the time and in my last sporting event I started having tingles in both feet.

After just ONE One hour treatment with Stef, I came back a week later that my lower back ache (which had plagued md for years) had completely disappeared!
I had an additional Massage and Acupressure treatment and Stef gave me some stretches and techniques to follow as home-care. Now all the back restriction and pain is gone and there is no tingles anywhere.

Dee went on the participate in the Tauranga Half Ironman and this is what she wrote:

Hi Stef,
Some feedback for you.
Had an awesome race and ‘Oh my God’, No back problems for the first time in 5 years! So the wonderful stretching and massages have helped…thank you!
I also placed 3rd in my age and 13th overall! Had an amazing swim and bike and managed to hold a pace through the run.  I exceeded what I set out to do!
Thanks again
See ya soon, Dee.


Mike Delany – Ex-All Black, BOP Steamers, SUPER Rugby, International Rugby player
“I feel very good after a massage with Stef. I try and see Stef once a week for my shoulder post-surgery recovery and feel my overall niggles are much better. Stef understands my needs as an athlete and seems to find all the areas that I need massaging to allow me to perform at my best.”

Chad TuoroBay of Plenty Steamers,  past NZ7s player
“A massage with Stef feels great.  I find Stef’s manner professional and friendly. Overall my body posture has improved and lower back soreness has been helped.”

Sam CaneBay of Plenty Steamers, Waikato Chiefs, NZ ALL BLACKS
“Stef’s massages really loosens up my muscles and I feel quite relaxed and feel great afterwards. Her massages have helped my tight muscles and it’s great how Stef really cares about the patient, always looking to help.”

Jessica – Personal Trainer, Auckland
“I’ve been coming to Steph for about 4+ years and have referred several friends and my entire family to her over the years. She has a fabulous way of finding all of the points of tension and getting out many a knot. I would strongly recommend that you make an appointment to see her if you haven’t yet – you won’t regret it or ever go anywhere else!”

AndreaHairdresser, Mount Maunganui
When I came out from a massage with Stef, I felt ‘a million bucks!’”

Tracy Teacher, Bethlehem
“One hour of total relaxation and professional service. (The hour and a half massage is superb!). I can totally recommend Stef and her stress releasing massages. You walk out feeling relaxed and recharged.”

Helen – Administration Manager, Mt Maunganui
I feel like a New Woman when I come away from one of Stef’s treatments.  She always knows how to ‘hit the right spot’

Shannon – Sports Student & Mother, Te Puke
I had a massage from stef when I was 35wks pregnant it was AMAZING!!!! and I would highly recommend a massage with Stef to anybody!

Dan Perrin – Bay Of Plenty Steamers, SUPER rugby player
“I feel very relaxed after a massage with Stef and any muscle tightness I’d had before is gone.  Her attention to detail is awesome and always hits the right spots through massage or pressure.  I find her very thorough and professional.”

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