Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

Your body giving you the performance of it’s life!

As an active person, you want to be at peak performance, avoiding all things that will slow you down.

Increase your potential with our tailored Deep Tissue and Sports Massage aimed at getting your body and you working in complete harmony

More than a treatment for injuries; a great sports massage can produce overwhelming benefits ~ body  and mind.

Having experienced over 14+ years in practise, we do not subscribe to the belief that ‘Harder is Better’.  When we blend our acupressure with a customised sports massage, we can achieve some amazing results;

  • More flexibility
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased clarity so you can focus
  • Unwinds many levels of your body
  • Increases blood flow, muscles recover faster
  • Breaks down scar tissue for massive increase in mobility
  • Reduces anxiety,  encourages endorphins the feel good hormones

About Sports Massage



Dan W

I came in not knowing what to expect of a Deep Tissue massage.  Megan’s ability to relax me and also hit all those pressure points was Brilliant!  I’m coming back for more!

Sam Cane ~ Waikato Chiefs, New Zealand All Blacks

Stef’s massages really loosen up my muscles and I feel great afterwards.  Her treatments have helped me and it’s great how Stef really cares about the patient, always looking to help.

Dee participated in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Tauranga Half Ironman and this is what she wrote:

(2013) Hi Stef, Some feedback for you.
I had an awesome race, and what a massive surprise – No back problems for the first time in 5 years! the wonderful stretching and massage have helped.  Thank You!
I also placed 3rd in my age group and 13th overall. I exceeded that I set out to do.
Thanks again,    Dee Lack

Dee is still a valued client and has since won Gold in her age group at 2015 Port Of Tauranga Half Ironman and Gold at 2015 NZ National Sprint Champs

I’ve been to many massage therapists for a sport massage,  most of them are ‘hit and miss’ but Stef hits the nail on the head every time with knowing my muscles and how to get them relaxed.

I’m competing again in New Zealand Ironman competition, and an expert sports massage is a necessity.

Darren W

Have you ever been for a run, ride or swim where you were completely in the ‘zone’?

It was smooth, it was rhythmical, it was effortless wasn’t it?   It was so much fun because it seemed natural.  It felt like your body was doing what is was born to do, because there was so much ease.

Here’s a question:   Would you like to have that much freedom and ease every time you exercised?

When you ask your body to move, it delivers without question.  It gives and it gives quite happily, that is, until things get a bit out of balance.

Specialised sports massage allows you to maintain balance with your body. During the appointment, we can share with you tips and knowledge you may not already know – to imrpove how you and your body can work in greater harmony.


Muscle Maintenance

older-sportsmanDeep tissue massage is not reserved just for athletes. Active people too benefit from deep tissue massage.  It can be a fast way to bring you out of pain and back to a happy, more mobile body.

In a physical job?  Our truck driver clients, builders, tradesmen and other people in very physical professions find what we do, a great investment of their money and time.

Injury Prevention

“Prevention is better than a cure” a wise man once said.  And it is true.

When most people think about sports massage, it’s usually to do with preparing for a big event like a triathlon, sporting game or race.  You may be among the many walkers, runners, cyclists and swimmers who are out and around Mount Maunganui every weekend.

Sports Training

sports-jumpingFor the more serious sportspeople, massage is a necessity if you want to be at the top of your game.  Often sports training is intense and there is just not the time for your body to recover naturally.

Our approach of sports massage and acupressure, with using natural anti-inflammation waxes dramatically decreases recovery time, so down-time is short and you stay at your best easily.

Preparation for an Event

When you have a sporting event on the horizon, you go into a whole new zone.  Your training regime may change, your eating habits may adapt, and your body will be under increasing stress.

The great thing about what we do is that we can customise your massage treatment to exactly what you need;

runner-massageIncreased your training intensity, we target opening and releasing large tensions areas for greatest possible mobility

Adapted your training regime to include other disciplines and your body is struggling to cope, Acupressure opens up many levels of the body for muscles to work more efficiently

Preparing for a big event, we flush your body thoroughly, taking away potential toxins which may hold you back or cause you pain.

After finishing the event, we combine a complete body flush with gentle acupressure to cleanse the body of toxins and stimulate the natural processes of recovery.

After your massage you will feel:

* Feel much lighter in your body
* More mentally sharp so you can know keep your eye firmly on the goal
* Much greater body freedom so you can enjoy yourself every time you exercise!
* Have more endurance than you ever thought possible
* Feel stronger for longer periods
* Strive further than you ever have before to higher heights
* Move more smoothly with less effort
* Be Faster, access more of your potential
* Enjoy exercise like never before

Exercise is your time out

So you work long hours and enjoy your exercise to off-load the day.  Massage can be your additional support to get what you need from your body.

sports-massage-womanWe’ve got good news.

What you get from us is our blend of tailored deep tissue, sports massage treatments and acupressure,  which targets tight muscles quickly without the need for long-winded stretching exercises.

Our sports massage is proven to be fast, minimally invasive and effective, to find out what people say, click here

Don’t wait until your body is crying out in pain, call us today for the results you’ve been looking for.

* Zainuddin, Zainal et al. Effects of Massage on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness, Swelling, and Recovery of Muscle Function. Journal of Athletic Training. 2005 Jul-Sep; 40(3): 174-180.

Get your body working in harmony with our Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

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