Pregnancy Massage

How to achieve a comfortable pregnancy and a wonderful birth

Our tailored pregnancy massage is specifically designed to create noticeable positive change and ease away imbalance and tension in each trimester


Our personalised acupressure massage, will gain you some of the fastest, most comfortable pain relief you will find.

We can create positive release and change for:

  • Increased circulation
  • More calmness, Less stress.
  • Muscle ache and joint pain relief
  • Relief of carpal tunnel symptoms
  • Noticeable decrease in sciatic pain
  • Improved chances of a heavier, healthier baby
  • Relief of headaches, neck tension and migraines
  • Improvement of moods and hormone fluctuations
  • Reduced anxiety (especially if you are a first-time mum)
  • Positive influence on your labour  (regular massage can lead to less complications)
  • Benefits in health for you and your baby inside “if the mum is stress-free, baby is stress-free”

We also teach helpful tips like pregnancy stretching and the acupressure points to hold during labour.

About our Pregnancy Massage in Tauranga



I went to physios, but Stef seemed to ‘cure’ my pregnancy hips in completely
Julia B  (28 weeks pregnant )

In few short weeks my neck stiffness, upper back issues and mobility have improved immensely

Stephanie Nolan  ( 13 weeks pregnant )

Thanks! I feel amazing after the Energy Massage, I feel more clear .. very settled and confident

Victoria Spain  (28 weeks pregnant )

Thank you for your amazing pregnancy and energy massage, you are a miracle worker!

Renee Watt (35 weeks pregnant )

Clear your emotional imbalance / heaviness

Stef’s energy healing and energy treatments greatly assist you towards an ideal headspace, throughout pregnancy for birth

Do you wish to:

  • Eliminate stress and worry
  • Be MORE calm, feel MORE confident
  • Increase the loving bond and your baby
  • Increase the loving bond with your partner
  • Access your more joyful & optimistic self
  • Trust your body, and the process of pregnancy
  • Ready for the best and most pain-free birth possible
  • Heal wounds from your own relationship with your mum & family

Contact us today to ask how energy healing can clear emotional stuff and bring your greater joy and calm in your special time.

Be comfortable in your body, during your time to bloom.

Pregnancy is a time which can herald in many joys and changes; in your home, your life and in your body.

But sometimes during pregnancy it feels like your body is the one in charge, doing what it wants and you’re a mere passenger along for the ride.

StefCrowley-26 (1)

Stef understands those highs and lows… from personal experience. 

I couple this experience with our specialised training and expertise to offer you very honest, holistic pregnancy treatments.


Prepare, balance and strengthen your body, mind and emotions – for a better birthing process and beyond.

Scientific studies say that massage performed during pregnancy can greatly, reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve labour outcomes and newborn health.

  During your sessions, you may experience many positive results…

  • An opening-up of lower back muscles which can become tense from the changes in your abdomen. Feel great, and stand up straight with ease
  • Relief from tension headaches and severe migraines.  Our Acupressure works wonders for all types of headaches, shoulder stiffness and neck tension. fast and effective
  • A release of tension everywhere, especially sciatic pain. Imagine for a moment; forgetting you were pregnant when you finished your walk because you felt as fresh and vibrant as when you began it.
  • Dramatically improved hip function. As your baby gets bigger, your pelvis opens and shifts. You don’t have to wake up every morning feeling like you’re 98 years old. By using our special massage techniques, you’ll be feeling like you could dance a jig
  • An increase in your ‘calming’ hormones which lessens stress and overall feelings of anxiety which can sometimes accompany this time in life. When your body creates calming hormones more of the time, it will allow you to be a happier you.
  • Better, deeper and more comfortable sleep. Wake up in the morning and feel fresh and upbeat


Ask us about our Pregnancy Energy Treatments to get you emotionally ready to receive the gift of motherhood

Do you have a question? Touch base…

We’d love to talk to you and answer any questions about how acupressure and complimenting therapies can create positive change for you.

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