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Your 7 Answers to sleeping better

Switch off digital devices 
Switch off devices half an hour before going to bed. Blue light emitting from these devices switches off your melatonin and interrupts sleep.  You need melatonin to start the sleep process.  Make sure you switch off mobiles, tablets, computers and televisions. It allows your…

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3 Tips: What you can do about computer related RSI

You may be an active sort, but increasingly people are spending their time on the computer. Here are some things to look out for. Headaches can be the most common complaint we see.  Certainly in this new, rather fast-paced technological world we’re now living in, it’s not hard…

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7 ways to get the transformation you want

For people who have never had energy healing in their life – You’ll save yourself money and angst if you know what to ask for by following these 7 Ways below.  You’ll prepare yourself to experience the best that Energy healing can provide. It might just change your…

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Pregnancy Handy Hints and Massage

During different stages of pregnancy – your body and posture changes.  Often you will feel tight, sore and ‘jammed’ in the back.  Follow these easy instructions for a fast, easy fix to ease your back tension. *  Find a kitchen counter or a benchtop about waist/ shoulder height….

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Stress Relief/ Positive things YOU can do

Visualisations Visualisations are a very simple yet powerful way to take a ‘bad’ day and make it feel better.  Here are a few I, and many of my clients have found helpful and beneficial. For those who may feel inundated by other peoples’ ‘baggage’ this is a great…

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Massaging the Waikato Chiefs

The Right for Life team have been working with the BOP Steamers for the past 3 years. Sadly, due to our growing clinic on Girven Road, Bayfair, we have chosen to pass on the mantle of the BOP Steamers massage to one of our most promising students from…

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