7 ways to get the transformation you want

For people who have never had energy healing in their life –

You’ll save yourself money and angst if you know what to ask for by following these 7 Ways below.  You’ll prepare yourself to experience the best that Energy healing can provide.

It might just change your life in the process!

1.    Check out if the  practitioner is qualified

Make sure the energy practitioner has qualifications directly in, or in adjacent practices to what they are offering

Usually, you’ll find that information on the ‘About Me’ page of their website or on their business card.

2.     Talk to them

Don’t be afraid to call up a few different practitioners and ‘interview’ them on what they do. 

Ask them to explain exactly what they do and how they work, and describe the set-up of their clinic/energy healing space. 

Here are a few good questions to ask:

* How did you get started in what you do?

* Who do you mostly work with?

* Who do you most like working with? (as in what kind of clients)

* What’s your typical session like?

* How often / many times do people usually come back for a session? 

* What should I expect from a session with you?

3.     Listen to your own ‘gut’ instinct.

Every living being on planet earth has an inner guidance system / a gut instinct which aids them.  Yours is just as powerful and deserves to be trusted.

Visit the energy practitioner’s website or call them and get a general ‘feel’ for who they are and if they feel right for you and what you want.

If you feel uneasy about them in any way – they’re not your best person to work with right now.

If you feel positive when you talk to them, or read their information, and feel ‘good’ – this is a sign that this practitioner has what you need.

Trust your instincts.

4.      Check out their website

How do their words on theit website speak to you?  Do their pictures, phrases and words resonate with you .. or does it miss the mark? 

Is it light and breezy, or is it dark?   Modern looking or old and confusing?

It’s said that when someone is serious about their business, they invest in their own business, so an up-to-date website can speak volumes about them and how they handle themselves professionally.

5.     Make a list of your wishes and wants

Once you have decided that they are the person you want:
Make a list of the areas or things in your life where you want to see / experience change.

Many natural healing practitioners/energy healers find this very helpful.  It helps gain immediate direction for your session, bringing much greater potential for change.

6.     Choose a person based on what style of treatment you want
                  — Lay back or be fully interactive


a —  If you wish to have a ‘bodywork’ style or healing (lying on a massage table deeply relaxed) such as Reiki, BodyTalk or straight Energy Healing

b —  or a more interactive session (sitting, standing, fully awake and corresponding with the practitioner) like the Energy Psychology of Psych-K.

Both can be beneficial to the same degree and potential.

Knowing you can choose will help you feel at ease if you haven’t had much experience in this.

Talk to the practitioner before your appointment if you’re not sure, or you’d like some guidance  ~  they are there to help.

7.   Let other things than money be your indicator

Practitioners often train for many years to gain mastery in their craft. Sometimes they spend thousands of dollars travelling and training in additional techniques.

In this case of energy healing, cheaper may not be a better deal – instead – look at all the aspects of the practitioner and what they do.

  • Do the testimonials show they deliver the results you are looking for?
  • Do they offer mini-courses or free tips in the newsletters or blogs
  • Plan your investment in yourself over a timeline you can afford –
    – once a month,  once every 2 months, or save up and have three in one week.

See this change as an investment into you and your future. You are the one who will gain the most out of it.

Question:  Who would you be, if you could be? 
Are you willing to invest in bringing this [ the real you ] person into reality?  How would this change your, your family’s life if you did?


Think of it as a payment into what your life will look like on the other side of your transformation!