Interrupt negative mind chatter and live at peak success, trust, health .. pretty much what you want to achieve!

PSYCH-K® is a scientifically proven process which directly accesses your powerful subconscious brain, and ‘re-wires’ you towards greater mental, and physical potential

A Natural alternative to counselling, and a great assistance with business coaching, life coaching or health coaching

Improve your health, relationships, self-confidence, dramatic stress relief,  remove physical pain

You can remove many of the barriers holding you back!

Does your daily life have:

  • Fears or anxiety
  • Sadness / Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Lacking confidence
  • Wanting more direction
  • Work and Life Stresses
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Mental & Physical Overwhelm

Get wired for success with Psych-K

Stef Crowley

Advanced Level Psych-K Facilitator

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Unlike other mental techniques there is no need for delving into the past; PSYCH-K is fast, gentle and pleasant way of removal of barriers to health, confidence, productivity and wealth

Learn more about the miracle and energy psychology of Psych-K

We don’t need to delve into the past … all we need is a pen, paper and a chat.

What would your life look like it you had much less stress?
What would it look like with unflappable confidence in yourself?  …
What would your life look like if you felt truly fruitful, productive yet also fun?

PSYCH-K® ‘re-wires’ limiting emotions, belief and thought processes by directly accessing your powerful subconscious, in person, or via a private online session with Stef.

Leave that old outdated baggage behind.  A few sessions of PSYCH-K® helps you to quickly, easily and effectively become a more evolved version of yourself.

Endorsed by internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit, Dr Bruce Lipton, the technique allows me to identify limiting subconscious beliefs and transform them into concepts that support me and my greatest desires.

Some FAQs below

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life, as a spiritual being having a human experience. This includes your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

How does PSYCH-K® Work?

Have you ever been completely ‘in the zone’?
That effortless, pleasurable feeling of everything coming together without struggle? The PSYCH-K® method connects you with that kind of natural flow.

Toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs come out of a mind that’s not in flow – when the conscious and subconscious are in opposition.
The feeling is a little like having your the car in ‘drive’ but leaving your foot on the brake. The engine is revving, but you feel like you’re going nowhere. Maybe this means you’re stalling, or perhaps you’re even going backwards?

PSYCH-K® transforms this road block, clearing the way for growth and natural flow. The method has been described as a ‘mind key’; a key to unlocking the door to your potential so the ‘brakes’ can come off and you can be ‘ready to roll’ in the direction you choose.

By using a PSYCH-K® process called a “Balance”, you can access the subconscious mind directly to give it new self-enhancing belief programs. The subconscious mind processes information a million time faster than the conscious mind. This is why limiting subconscious beliefs can usually be changed within a few minutes to ones that support your goals in life.

What areas of life can PSYCH-K® help?

PSYCH-K® creates a Whole-Brain state in relationship to a specific belief being addressed. This Whole-Brain state allows the Partner (person changing their belief) to create and open new neural pathways within the brain in relationship to this new belief.

| Self-esteem, career  |  relationships –  people, your body, money  |  health |   Body views (weight or shape beliefs  |  spirituality |  grief and loss |   career  |    branching in new directions  |  finances |  physical pain or illness

Can PSYCH-K® help with physical pain and other conditions?

PSYCH-K® is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, rather it can be seen to complement it.

The PSYCH-K® approach is about transforming any limiting subconscious beliefs you may have that could be related to your condition.

There is a well established biological interaction between the mind and the body. The Subconscious brain sends ‘messages’ biologically 80,000 times or more every day, transmitting these ‘messages’ into the cells, surrounding area and body.   That is where PSYCH-K® may be of help to you.

While it’s not possible to guarantee a specific result, which depends largely on the individual and his or her condition, PSYCH-K® has a 30 year history across many countries, helping people achieve a satisfying and joy-full life; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

Is PSYCH-K® scientifically verifiable?

PSYCH-K® is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, rather it can be seen to complement it.

PSYCH-K® is a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 25 years.

There are published research papers, in peer reviewed publications, based on QEEG/brain mapping research undertaken by:
Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D – Director of the Centre for Cognitive Enhancement, Arizona, USA
Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®, co-authored the papers with Dr. Fannin.

More information on this research shows the benefits of the bilateral and symmetrical brain wave pattern created by using PSYCH-K® can be found at this link below:

Stef's journey using and working with PSYCH-K®

My journey with PSYCH-K® began when I was at a cross-roads in my life (and business) a life-coach friend took me aside “What do you want to happen?”  she asked.
I answered honestly.  She guided me through a 3 minute process which, what I can only say – changed my life.

I’d been mastering and working with other types of energy clearing techniques for the previous 8 years.  And at that moment after finishing that 3 minute process, I was open-mouthed ‘blown away’ (to use a kiwi term) at how fast, simple and non-invasive the process was.  So fast, and so effortless, so kind to the body.

After attending the BASIC workshop in Sydney, I quickly began to see evidence of changes around me in life.  Real manifest changes.  This became my next area of passion, learning and mastery, for myself – and to help my clients too.

~  ~  ~

I’m the type of person who loves and appreciates ‘squeezing the most juice from the orange’ (in a loving and good way) – and by that I mean, to gain the most out of the experience.
PSYCH-K® really fit that mold.  It was a very simple way of identifying what I felt and knew what was holding me back from my passion and plans, and it gave me a clear set of processes to shift them.

I found that beliefs are like this … one can push and struggle at then, or through them feeling massive fight/flight “feel the fear and do it anyway” or one can feel the fear – and remove the fear.

I personally think and believe if we knew a better way of doing things,  we’d choose it.   I’ve found PSYCH-K to be a much better way to moving through my ( and my client’s’) fear, fight and flight to create a much more streamlined path to walk

 Sessions can be 1:1 in clinic,  or via Skype/Zoom online, or can be via phone

A typical first appointment takes about 90 minutes, and subsequent appointments, about an hour

This non-invasive process rewires your brain, beliefs and underlying thought forms from areas of limitation towards massive potential for empowerment. A typical PSYCH-K® session may include one or more of the following processes, and often has the potential to unlock more than one area for growth:

  • Resolution Balance
  • New Direction Balance
  • Transforming Perception of Stress
  • Life Bonding Balance clears away much fear of living life to the fullest.
  • Core Belief Balance clears, balances and resets many of your core beliefs into a more helpful and healthy place
  • Rapport Balance this superb process is great for increasing confidence, clear fears of public speaking, social connecting or improve networking capabilities
  • Relationship balance clears, balances, improves and resets aspects of your relationships;   partner, boss, family, friends and more.A typical Psych-K session may include one or more of these processes, and often has the potential to unlock more than one area for growth.

Psych-K is a modality endorsed by Dr Bruce Lipton which takes limiting subconscious beliefs and transforms them into beliefs that support you and your greatest desires.

95% of our feelings and behaviours are driven by our Subconscious mind.

Scientific study has proven through Harvard studies and all over the world, that when the Subconscious Mind is changed, the experience of the external world changes also.

This powerful process is a tool Stef uses in her own personal toolkit as well as has created profound positive shifts for her clients.


“I was able to let go of a lot of burdens and feelings of being afraid.  After my session, I felt very different and more calmer – yet super energised”
Holly Z

“I was running from pillar to post with my life and business. After just one appointment I have felt so amazing and NOT stressing anymore.  I’m even back to some favourite exercise which I haven’t done in over three years!”
Courtney E

“Before my first PSYCH-K session, my partner and I were fighting every single day.   Only after one session we haven’t fought for an entire fortnight and have found new joy in eachother’s company.”
T.  Prince

“I have found I have [ as facilitated from 3 sessions of PSYCH-K] been able to do study, family, exercise, AND healthy eating with no obstacles – when previously I felt immense guilt when I did anything for me.   It’s a great feeling but it has also come with ease, and willingness to say “no” or “I’ll do it later” when additional external things pop up”
D Oojitham

“After my PSYCH-K session, I began feeling better in my mind and emotions.  Old hurts were not in my face anymore, I definitely felt I had left them behind.  The changes have  been subtle, yet very meaningful”
Jim T

“You’ve helped me shift “stuck-ness
”, and been a catalyst for forging new paths forward. I always come away feeling lighter and shining brighter. I feel incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with Stef”
Kim H

“I felt I made some good progress in a very short space of time!”

“I definitely have felt a shift of some sort! I have noticed that my stress and anxiety that I had (which seemed to worsen each day) has dramatically reduced!”
Natalia B

“Thanks, Stef. I have already felt the changes both subtle and in a real physical sense [after suffering from back pain].  Thanks for the awesome session.  I have passed your details happily to others in my family. Thank you for your awesome work!

“Hi Stef, By the way, I love your work! My daughter Nadia is doing soooo well since she last saw you. Released so much. She has her magic back. Thank you xxx”
Annette S

“This is great, thank you so much!  And thank you for the other day. [Our PSYCH-K session] really turned a corner for me!”
Tricia L

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