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Meet Stef Crowley  |  Body, Mind & Life Change

20 years in the wellness space, Stef is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and is big on empowering others

Known for her multi-level massage results,  energy balancing, & physical and mental transformation for her clients.

–  Release old, out-dated and limiting Subconscious beliefs ( also habits and phobias) with a kind, high-speed change process named PSYCH-K.  Backed by science and yet an intuitively connected change process

–  Clear old trauma, people, events and patterns with In-person or online/ virtual Energy healing / Reiki Healing session.

–  The trusted modality of massage, blended with Energy Healing for a deep release and recallibration of  your body, energy and mind

– Qualified pregnancy massage therapist of 19 years.   Integrative energy balancing pregnancy massages,  Safe in ANY trimester.

Pregnancy labour Activation massages ( available from 39 weeks of pregnancy