Massage Therapy

Time out for your body

Therapeutic Massage is a wonderful way to give your body relief, while taking some time out for yourself. If you can give a little to your body, it’ll give you a lot back.

How would you feel having a massage therapy treatment tailored specifically, for your special needs and wants?

That’s what I do here at Right for Life Massage!
I aim every time to have you walking out, feeling amazing!

Be completely at ease.
Everything I do here at Right for Life Massage, is aimed at creating comfort and ease for you – from the moment you walk in the door

In the past 19 years, through massage therapy, I’ve helped clients with their:

  • Sciatica
  • Lacking energy
  • Hip pain & dysfunction
  • Upper or lower back pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Shoulder stiffness and pain
  • Work Stress and Life Stress
  • Neck and shoulder aches & stiffness

Your Massage Therapist In Tauranga

19 years working in the field of Swedish and Therapeutic massage, sports related massage and deep relaxation treatments.

From elite athletes to everyday people

The Best of both Worlds


“Thanks for your amazing de-stressing massage, and adding years to my life!  You’re very knowledgeable
and I always feel awesome after your massage.
My arms and hands had years of pent up tension from
constant computer use but you’ve made them feel NEW again.”


“Wow!  That was amazing.  I’ve had massages all around the world, and I mean a lot!  And I must say that that was a the best massage I have ever had.”

Kelly F.


 “I suffered from daily migraines after surgery earlier this year, with zero relief from pain killers.  After just ONE session with Stef the migraine pain has almost entirely gone.  There’s been a 90% improvement”

Nicole P.


In a few short weeks my neck, upper back & mobility have improved immensely”

Stephanie N.


One hour of total relaxation and professional service. (The hour and half is superb!) I can totally recommend anyone at Right for Life for stress-relieving massages.  You walk out feeling revived and recharged.

Tracey M. – Teacher


I consider myself a very experienced massage receiver, as I travel a lot with work and have massages all around the world.  In my opinion, their techniques are perfect and they have abilities for feel out the tender spots are awesome.  Thank you so much for your wonderful healing massage, already I am pain free energised!

Sandra Muir

Massage Therapy – Discover how you can move and feel better!

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy (also known as medical massage in some fields) is a massage provided by a qualified therapist. The goal is to bring your body and muscles, pain and tension relief. It’s not only for that – massage brings stress relief, deep body relaxation, and revival or energy.

3000 years old – It’s one of the oldest known healing therapies in the world.

A good massage is an instant stress buster, and can successfully treat most headaches and migraines, shoulder and neck tension.

Most stress and tension can be relieved with therapeutic massage,  especially Right for Life’s special Acupressure massage.
Massage help maintains muscle tone and boosts immunity in winter

My philosophy at Right For Life Massage is simple –  everyone deserves freedom.

Are you suffering with…

Sore Back Massage Therapy• pains keeping you awake at night, trouble sleeping.

• feeling stiff and achy body,

• feeling uncomfortable,

• old injuries flaring up again and again,

• pain stopping you from doing the things you want,

• Unable to live the healthier, active lifestyle …

…your answer could be a great therapeutic massage. Book your personalised therapeutic massage today.


Oh, and did I mention… you can just enjoy it for it pure bliss of it!

People who have experienced a good massage will tell you it’s “one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have”.
Relaxing room scents and healing essential oils, to the power of touch, your sense of health and well-being will be restored.

What to expect in your massage

My first job is to help you feel relaxed and at ease the minute you arrive.

For first time clients;  there is a simple client questionnaire to complete. This shares the information I need to create a superb massage for you, and the best results

Your massage is then personalised to help you get closer to your health goals  (more flexibility, muscle release, stress relief, blissful deep relaxation,  pregnancy pain relief to name just a few).

You’re in control of the massage pressure (light, medium, deep)  and I will check in with you to ensure you feel warm, comfortable that the massage pressure is just right!

Talk or just float away… it’s totally up to you.


Your body’s natural state is one of relax and pain-free, I’m just reminding it


During your massage therapy sessions, you may experience many positive results…

  • More mobility and freedom, so you can live comfortably in your body
  • Balancing of your muscles on all sides of your body which adds to strengthen and stamina
  • Decreases pain (which may result in less requirement for pain killers)
  • The ‘feel good’ sensation (which is an increase in endorphins) and will increase your natural ability to heal and feel good about life too
  • Increase in positivity which can continue and help your manage or even work to reverse depression or mood swings
  • A feeling of freedom from tension headaches and severe migraines
  • A lessening of a fight or flight feeling (from the hormone cortisone) which can help reduce overall inflammation

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“We want to make sure you feel positively changed all over – from the top of your head to the tip of your toes!”

Do you have a question? Touch base…

We’d love to talk to you and answer any questions about how acupressure and complimenting therapies can create positive change for you.

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