Your 7 Answers to sleeping better

  1. Switch off digital devices
Switch off devices half an hour before going to bed.

    Blue light emitting from these devices switches off your melatonin and interrupts sleep.  You need melatonin to start the sleep process.  Make sure you switch off mobiles, tablets, computers and televisions. It allows your brain and body to ‘unwind’

  2. Bedtime ritual

    Just like kids, all human bodies need a bedtime ritual. Think: bath, warm drink, teeth clean, lights low, read for half an hour, sleep. 

    Warm Toned light bulbs also greatly assist in producing sleep inducing chemicals.

  3. Meditate

    Meditation, breath work or mindfulness are all incredibly helpful (and scientifically proven) to create the level of rest the brain needs to sleep more deeply.

    There are free Mobile Apps like OMVANA  or HeadSpace that has a multitude of free guided meditations, even ones specific for sleep.

  4. Magnesium / zinc
Magnesium used in over 325 different pathways in the body, one of the main ones being sleep and relaxation.
  Try a whole-food option of Raw Cacao and Almond milk ‘hot chocolate’.  Both are high in magnesium.

  5. Keep pets off the bed

    It’s hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, when your pet keeps moving around.  Learn from a vet how to train your pet to sleep comfortably in its own bed.

  6. Essential oils
Oils which have a sedative / relaxing effect include Lavender, Chamomile. Drop them in the bath before bed, dab on the edge of your pillow, or gently on your temples (to the side of your eye) to help induce sleep.

  7. Lastly, what you eat / drink affects the way you sleep.
Minimising alcohol and caffeine before bed is essential, but I have also found that sugar and food intolerance can play havoc with sleep.  Eliminate caffeine after 4pm and alcohol at least 1 hour before bed – you stand a better chance of sleeping more soundly.

                          “Nighty Night”