How 5 Simple Acts Can Seriously Boost Your Body, Mind and Energy

When it comes to prepping for winter, our bodies already anticipate what we need.
Here’s a few ways you to help the transition to winter months kinder on your body, and ultimately easier for you.

1 ) Get outside and look at the sun

Waking up and getting into natural light or sunshine you claim a free source of vital Vitamin D.  It beams the light to our bodies, and stimulates our own production of the very necessary hormone. 

Its needed for:
Bone strength
Boosting immunity
Strong teeth
Aids in weight loss

2) Daily movement

Yes, I know, I know.  You’ve probably heard it before – BUT – you haven’t heard why moving is so good for your immunity!
Boosting blood flow, for ‘trouble-making’ toxins that may be lurking in muscles and cells are stimulated ‘right on outa there’ and into your number ones and twos.

Movement or exercise also stimulates anti-inflammatory responses in your body.  Good for keeping the body factory swept clean of any potential harm.

3) Good sleep

Sleep is the time your body repairs.    Old, dead cells are removed and new ones are born.
Sleep has a direct link to important things like:  mood,  wound healing, sexual health, bone strength and of even digestion.  It’s all linked.  
If you find sleep challenging pop here for more tips to help.

4) Good Quality Vitamin C

The great  thing about vitamin C, is that we can’t overdose on it.   How good is that!
Sadly not all vitamins are made equal, so in my (lengthy researched) opinion for best ‘bang for your buck’ — buy liquid, powered or capsules.

5) Minimise complex carbohyrates

Now, I’m not suggesting you give away your favourite spaghetti dish or nana’s famous rice pudding. 
But eating carb-heavy meals more than twice a week puts more workload on your digestive system, and overall body. 
To help lighten the workload, you could eat less complex carbohydrates; and supplement them with other things such as mashed kumara, or even explore protein-rich quinoa or similar, which give you the same sort of mouth-feel as more heavy alternatives, but not the digestive workload.