Immunity boosting every day – mind & body

Do you remember Grandma trying to give you Cod Liver oil?  Or maybe your parents or grandparents spoke about having to slurp that down begrudgingly at the insistance of their elders.
We may feel like we’ve advanced much in terms of health, yet sometimes we can over complicate things.
But what does it mean to immunity boost — Is it to ward off a cold when you start to feel that itchy throat?  Or to feel protected in general?

So why is it super important to have a strong immunity?

Strong immunity is the high perfromance oil that allows your ‘formula one’ human engine to run most smoothly and effeciently — over a variety of terrains and circumstances.  It’s the ‘protection’ for the engine against burnout, strain and wear and tear.
Basically a strong immunity helps your body to help you.  You navigate things easier, you bounce back faster, you stay on an even keel mentally and physically more often.
Now – I’m not a naturopathic guru, but I have worked for many years amongst them.  I also have insatiable appetite for learning, so I’ll share some of what I’ve learned.
Try to limit use of meds like paracetamol and ibuprofen for temperatures, temperatures are the bodies way of fighting off illness.
Limit sugar consumption sugar erodes your immune system.
Your gut happiness is hugely important in terms of supporting your immunity
SO drinks such as bone broth, kombucha, probiotic yoghurt are great. Go ‘homestead’ and make your own, or easily pick up at the market or health stores.
Salt baths are a great way to get minerals into the body. 1 cup of Himalayan salt and 1 cup of Epsom salts.

Nutrients:every nutrient plays a role but the crucial ones for immunity boosting:
Vitamins A, C and D
Iron and selenium

(Vitamin D can be sourced as a supplement – or good old-fashioned sunshine for 10 mins each day)

Eat the brightly coloured fruits and veges for vitamin C
Beta carotene ( carrots ) which the body converts to vitamin A.
Mushrooms, egg yolks and butter for extra vitamin D, beef and lamb and pumpkin seeds for zinc,
Brazil nuts for selenium, red meat and eggs for iron.

Detoxing your mind: is also hugely important, as hormones like cortisol lower immunity quickly.
To turn off or reduce cortisol, and turn on endorphins (the feel good hormones) you can achieve this physically or non-physically.
Exercise; though temporarily lifts cortisol, shortly after exercise your body usually reduces it back to normal levels
Refocussing perceptions using mindfulness:  Think about what’s been stressing you out. Aim to see what benefits / opportunities it’s bought you, they may not be what you expect (but there will usually be some)
Breathing:  Yes, I can almost hear the just impercetable sigh. 
but YES deep and controlled breathing has been scientifically proven to improve many physical processes – immunity being one of them.  Have you ever heard of a guy called Wim Hoff, and how he walked up snow-covered mountains in only a pair of shorts. Only a pair of shorts – no shoes – no Kathmandu puffer jacket – shorts.   He used controlled breathing.

I’m not suggesting you go mountain-climbing in just a pair of stubbies, but yes, a few minutes of deep, controlled breathing, boosts your immunity.  Easy.

I have some effective, Free, stress transformation YouTube videos you can watch.  They’ve helped hundreds already to purge their collected stress and help recentre themselves for a much healthier immunity and smilier day