Why gurgling tummies are good in a massage treatment

You’re enveloped in the massage table’s comforting warmth, sweet aroma of lavender. 
Your body sinking blissfully into a deep rest … then out of the blue; a rumbly gurgle sound arises from your mid-region.

As the saying goes; If I had a dollar for each time I hear “Oh, please excuse my tummy!”

The fact is, experiencing a gurgly tummy in the middle of a massage ( or other similar therapy) is actually GOOD thing.

Your digestion plays a big part in your health and well-being; but it’s not just your gut that influences your body; your body influences your gut too. It’s a two way street


Your ‘gut’ brain is a long, brain nerve cells positioned all along the lining of your gut tubes.

In a massage (or similar) when your nervous system ( which I refer to as your own person fibre-network) begins dumping the electrical stress it’s collected, it relays new messages to your ‘gut’ brain.


New messages of ‘relax’ hormones zip through the body to the gut, and flood the area with ‘relax’, telling the gut to let go of the ‘fight / run / hide’ that its been storing.

As it lets go, there’s a change in the gut cells, swapping out cortisol for endorphins — gurgling while the change takes place.   Cortisol is the fight/flight stress hormones.   Endorphins are the ‘feel good’ calming hormones.  
So you can see that having a means to swap these little guys is a great way for your body to remove stress.


The next time you feel a gurgle in your tum during or just after a body treatment, if it’s not around mealtime .. smile and know that your body is doing some pretty helpful swapping out of stress, and inclusion of calm.