Fast, Proven Way to straighten “Tech Neck”

Have you heard the term “Tech Neck?”

I hadn’t until last week.
It’s the name coined for neck tensions and posture change arising from ‘tech’ computer activity.

Ipad Sudoku, Laptop email checking .. generally, most prolonged activity on screens (especially if we look downwards towards our lap)

This is not the first time where I disagree with ‘the powers that be’ on the subject of posture. You see – yes – we can be negatively impacted by tech, BUT it’s not the only habit that leads to what
‘they’ are calling “Tech Neck” in fact “Tech Neck” has been around a long time – just without the nifty name.

Simply put – “Tech Neck’ is the exact same posture issue we’ve seen for years in knitters, book readers, breastfeeding mothers, cafe workers — all of these jobs — you look downwards for long periods of time. “Tech Neck” is 2022’s version of ‘front tilt’ neck.

So names aside, what can we do about it?
“Well” says I, with a broad smile and single finger pointed skyward. “Yes, it just so happens, there is!”

One such helpful activity is to extend the neck upwards ( See below further) and loosen up the front neck and front shoulders too.


–  Step 1 – Place your hands on the top of your chest at the base of your neck (over the little dip just below your Adams apple) gently pull the skin down

– Step 2 –  (just like a giraffe reaching for the tallest leaf at the top of the tree) lift your chin to the sky/ceiling and lengthen your neck nice and long.  The key here is to keep your neck straight, not tilt it backwards in a curve. Nice and long – get the leaves at the top of the tree

– Step 3 – Still looking up; gently tilt your jaw and head slightly to the side ( and if inside, look to the corner of the room where the ceiling meets the wall)  Like all stretches.  Feel the ‘pull’ and patiently ‘wait for it to fade’ away almost 100%

– Step 4 – Slowly bring your head back to centre

– Step 5 – Repeat on the other side:  Gently lift your chin/jaw toward to ceiling. Then when ready, whilst your chin is still lifted, tilt your jaw and head to the other side.   Feel the ‘pull’ and patiently wait for the fade.


If you repeat this every day for even a few minutes it will change your posture in a matter of weeks.  Your body remembers where you do to last time, and brings you closer to this faster and faster each time you stretch.
( PS — this is a good one to do in the shower because it’s a hot environment and helps you muscles be more flexible)