3 Tips: What you can do about computer related RSI

You may be an active sort, but increasingly people are spending their time on the computer.

Here are some things to look out for.

Headaches can be the most common complaint we see.  Certainly in this new, rather fast-paced technological world we’re now living in, it’s not hard to link a change in daily habits to a change in how our body feels.

Sometimes headaches can be related to overwork, moments of high stress or RSI from working on a computer or desk or in jobs where you look down much of time;  cue sweet pre-school teacher here.

These stretches can provide relief for headaches brought on by neck tension, stress or computer related causes.

Try these out at home, or as part of your workout or activity regime.  Repetition helps ALOT when you are wishing to increase mobility.

If these gain you some relief and you want additional help with long-lasting muscle and body mobility, give me a buzz.

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