Stress Relief/ Positive things YOU can do


Visualisations are a very simple yet powerful way to take a ‘bad’ day and make it feel better.  Here are a few I, and many of my clients have found helpful and beneficial.

For those who may feel inundated by other peoples’ ‘baggage’ this is a great one to help shield you from taking it on.

Start: with your attention at your centre (belly button) and then take it up though your neck, up and out of your head and extend it up as far as you want to go. Then bring it down, and starting at your centre again, take you attention downwards through your body, down your legs and out your feet. Extend it as far into the earth as you want to go. Finally cast a boundary/barrier around all of your body so that is goes all the way around, over and under you.

Visualise that all the niceness/kindness/caring can come and go though the barrier, but any negativity bounces off and away.Med_lady-300x232