5 Ways to ‘Smooth-Run’ Your Day

Have you ever had one of ‘those’ days? 

The one that starts with you stepping out of bed and stubbing your toe, only for you to hop your way to the bathroom to spill the handwash on the floor.

The toasty gets burnt, the shirt you chose to wear has a stain, and your dog throws up breakfast just as you go to walk out the door.

You can let all those things turn the rest of the day into a right off – but it doesn’t have to be so.

Did you know that the moment you switch your internal thoughts / also your internal words / verbal words from grumbling >> to appreciation, it switches positive Law Of Attraction on?

What if you chose to use one or two of the below practices to switch on the positive Law Of Attraction and pilot even the WORST day towards fist-pumping winning!


5 Ways to ‘Smooth-Run’ Your Day

If you want to keep yourself moving forward despite the difficulties around you, practice regularly one or more of these 5 Ways to Smooth-Run Your Day.

Pssst  – you can also use these below even if you’re feeling amazing. 
They amplify the best inflow energy and abundance.

  1. List 5 things (any thing) you’re happy and grateful for as soon as you wake up. 
    (even things like, “I’m happy that I can see” “I’m happy that I get to choose my breakfast” works too)

  2. Say to yourself as a response “That’s good” even when things look crappy, and not going to plan
    (it’s not promoting the crappy thing. It keeps strong and even strengthens a belief field)

  3. Say in your mind, “Everything is happening in perfection right now”
    (This one is really good if you repeat it, and take a few deep breaths in and out)

  4. Ask ‘out there’ “How can things get better than this”
    (This is engaging the Law Of Attraction, because you’re asking)

  5. At the end of the day – list all the things that went well, on a piece of paper or in your mind
    (small things too like ‘I was able to get a carpark at the supermarket’ or ‘I made time for a walk around the block’