Practitioner Partners

We think quality attracts quality and we’re proud to be associated with these great businesses.


Family Osteopaths  ( Osteopaths, holistic physio, Acupuncture ) logo

Our wonderful friends at the Family Osteopaths have a very similar ethos to Right for Life Massage;  viewing the body as whole and constantly in communication.  They blend musculo-skeletal adjustments and postural alignment with cranio-sacral therapy to get the most positive change for you. The Family Osteopaths helps to bring back balance for; chronic low back pain, headaches and sports injuries, pregnancy issues, infant and new-born babies and children of all ages.

Debbie Karl – Mount AcupuncturePrint

Mount Acupuncture, created by the renowned and Baywide Acupuncture guru, Debbie Karl has expanded from strength to strength.  A main Leader in Traditional Chinese and 5-Element Acupuncture and each excels at a different area of expertise.  Her clinic is on the early part of Valley Road, Mt Maunganui.


Hayley Flavell – Naturopath

Hayley offer a natural option for healthcare, based in Papamoa East,  Available in person and online for consultations

Hayley’s aim is to provide quality health consultations focussing on every aspect of health, often with with a view of using food as medicine, and only suggesting supplementation where and wehen necessary. Hayley treats the whole body and looks to re-balance many aspects for you so that you can have the best possible health.


Kate Elmsly at The Essential Wellness Hub – Holistic Chiropractor.

Kate is the most holistic and blended Chiropractor we have the pleasure to know.  She uses an advanced form of kinesiology to discern to great detail what is going on inside your body and within it’s systems.

She then uses a combination of Eastern and Western techniques to re-balance and align the body so that health can return very quickly.  All of us here at Right for Life Massage have personally been treated by Kate, and cannot recommend her enough. She creates real change.