Activate Your Inner Healer – 1 Day Reiki Beginners Workshop


This is a simple, virtual product.



Level One is an initiation into Reiki: learning the foundations, concepts and the first of the all the Reiki symbols.
Its a straight-foward set of learnings, which is open to anyone.  All manuals and guidance is provided.

The focus during Level One; is on opening the energy channels for the recipient ( and you as the giver) on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force, which flows from the cosmos through the hands and body.

Reiki can activate and enhance many things, and many experiences when used for this purpose.

Greater ease, more flow and it can release layers of physical, mental and emotional tension / imbalance – for a more free-flowing experience of life.

Activate the flow in your hands
Create a different way for being
Amplify your body’s natural ability to heal itself
Enjoy a deeper peace and self-acceptance in day-to-day life