Soul Clearing – Pendulum clearing workshop
written and led by Stef Crowley

Soul Clearing pendulum workshop is for curious humans like you, who’d like to:

  • Discover and experience how energy works and flows using a pendulum to guide
  • Learn how to clear your own energy, and assist others clear theirs
  • Increase energy levels through clearing limitation energetically
  • Gain clarity on many things you question
  • Let go of kinds of fear
  • Techniques and tools to bring about better sleep
  • Learn an empowering technique for life!

Stef holds workshops that are fun, relaxed and informative for all.  Questions and discussion is welcomed and many times participants have come back to more workshops because of the fun had.

Pendulum clearing can be performed by anyone who desires a simple’ go – to” tool / technique to assist daily life, in fact Stef still uses these techniques every day of her life despite having learned the fundamentals more than 15 years ago.

Soul Clearing has been revamped and updated to current energies.
It’s current for here and now for greatest ease and potency!

All workshop materials and guidance is provided during the workshop, and plenty of time for practise in a warm and supportive environment.


In the workshop you’ll learn:

  • How energy flows and gets stuck in our bodies & lives.
  • The difference between past, present and future energy.
  • How to ask via your pendulum to bring greater clarity on any subject.
  • The basic way to set up your pendulum to give you answers to questions.
  • How to use Soul Clearing manual to identify and clear energetic limits / blocks and stuckness quickly and effectively.


Date:      10th June 2023
Time:      9.00 am – 2.00pm
Where:    Right for Life Massage & Energy, 316A Papamoa Beach Road.

Cost        $120

payment plans available in 4 weekly or 8 weekly payments ( private email to discuss options)

“Thanks so much for the workshop!
So I am feeling much lighter after that workshop and more focused.  Those limiting beliefs that resurface as so annoying ha ha!  Good to send them packing!  The pendulum workshop has been a game changer for me.

Rachael W – Bay of Plenty

I am a much calmer person who meditates now. The Soul Clearing workshop,  I absolutely loved and look forward to furthering.

Trish H   Ex-Papamoa ( now Aus)

I attended your Reiki workshop. Amazing! I feel so empowered and amped to share my next level self to the world