More than just Massage Therapy; techniques for pain and stress and
‘self’ recovery.

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Right For Life can help many problems through our ‘Right for Life’ System of Massage, Acupressure and Specialised techniques. We can gain you long-lasting pain relief. We have been using the best of Eastern and Western techniques for over 11 years and have achieved AMAZING results.  See just a handful of our client testimonials to the right.

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Release your pain, stress and tension with one of our four talented Massage Therapists.

Achieve dramatic results with our tailored appointments.  Achieve the fast, positive results you can really feel.

“Whether it’s remedial massage, deep tissue, stress relief or getting your self back into balance… We would love to hear from you!”

Massage Centre Hours:

The following hours are available for appointments:

•  9.00am  – 5.00 pm    Monday
  9.00am  – 1.00 pm    Tuesday
  9.00am  – 5.00 pm    Wednesday
  9.00am  – 7.00 pm    Thursday
•  9.00am  – 4.30pm    Friday
•  9.00am – 6.00pm   Saturday

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Success Stories

CANCER ~ "After 4 months of Cancer treatment, I found Jade's Clinical Reflexology. It has increased my energy noticeably & I'm sleeping alot better, not to mention it's alleviated much of the neuropathy and digestive problems I have felt following the Chemotherapy. Read more...

What's New

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Massaging the Waikato Chiefs

We are the preferred Massage Therapist for the Bay Of Plenty Steamers & The Waikato Chiefs when in the BOP. Read more...



Pregnancy Handy Hints and Massage

At different stages of pregnancy your body and posture changes and you will feel tight, sore and 'jammed' in the back. Try this simple technique to provide some relief. Read more...



Stress Relief/ Positive things YOU can do

Turn a 'bad day' into a good day with some visualisation exercises that me and many of my clients have found helpful. Read more...

Client Testimonials

Amber Ellison ~ Sept 2015

I feel like a different person!  Like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders

Colin Van der Viel ~ July 2015

Of all the physios, chiropractors and other professionals I have been to, none have made such a difference for me, and my pain as you [Right for Life Massage] have. Many thanks.

Tracey Scherer ~ 11 March 2015

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.  After a year of wearing splints I came to find Jade.  Within 3 treatments my pain lessened significantly..  after 6 treatments I didn't need my splints and found myself no longer waking at night with the pain

Grant Elliot - Wellington Firebirds, NZ Blackcaps  ~ 31 Dec 2014

I came in with aching legs and hamstrings from our intense training /game schedule.  My body felt great after my massage [and went on to achieve a high run score the next day against The Northern Knights]

Ned  ~ 25 August 2014

The massage with Stef felt like it took 5 years off my age! I felt the  best I have in years

Mike Lynd  ~ 10 July 2014

I always feel great when I leave this [massage centre] place!  I'm feeling better and better each time I come.

Janine Allen-Moka  23 May 2014

I went to Stef feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.  I was suffering from terrible headaches which were making me feel really down.  After several massages and U-Balance Sessions I now feel 100% better!

Phillip Bolten  22 April 14

After my last massage [and energy] treatment, I was SO empty of stress.  You must understand, this stress had been almost crippling me. [After the treatment] I felt I was able to relax and 'chill out' for days!  I had more energy, I felt a heap lighter.

Maree Knight  6 March 14

I've been receiving reflexology for my Type 1 Diabetes for the past 7 months.  I have had multiple health problems associated with that, and I believe Jade has had a positive impact them ALL.  My headaches & nausea are gone, my blood glucose levels (which used to land me in hospital every 10-12 weeks have stabilised), my immunity is now strong, BUT MOST OF ALL -- after 8 years of having NO FEELING from my ankles down -- the nerves in my feet appear to be regenerating.  I can feel sensations in my feet!  I cannot tell you how hopeful this makes me feel.

Victoria 18 January 14

Thanks for yesterday I feel amazing [after the massage and U-Balance] ... and more clear ... very settled and confident. Thank you!

Kelly Faile ~ January 14

Wow! That was amazing. I've had massages all around the world, and I mean alot.! And I must say that that was a the best massage I have ever had.

Richard Allo ~ November 13

Excellent massage! Felt amazing after and went on to have an awesome day. Thank you

Lisa  W ~  October 13

I am so amazed at the changes in my life!  After our U-Balance sessions, I found new courage to put myself 'out there' and have attracted a new man into my life who is incredible!  I have started seeing the Truth in things, no longer living to please others and start doing things for 'me' ...  AND ALL THIS in just 2 months.

Stephanie Nolan  24.10.13

In a few short weeks my neck, upper back issues & mobility have improved immensely.  I am feeling a renewed sense of well-being thanks to Jade's work and advice.  Thank you Jade!

Nicole Parker  10.8.13

I suffered from daily migraines after surgery earlier this year, with zero relief from pain killers.  After just ONE session with Stef the migraine pain has almost entirely gone.  There's been a 90% improvement!

Jodi Tod-Elliott ~ Waikato - BOP MAGIC netball player

Thank you Tracy. My visits to you have been invaluable. You've helped my recovery and ability to get me ready for the next game. Your understanding of athletes and how the body works is amazing!

Noeline Taurua ~ COACH, Waikato - BOP MAGIC Netball

The aches and pains I feel (particularly my shoulders) is directly related to stress.  Tracy not only works my body with massage but also kneads my mind with loving conversation.   A fine combination and fully recommended!

Sam Cane ~ Waikato Chiefs, ALL BLACKS

Stef's massages really loosen up my muscles and I feel great afterwards.  Her treatments have helped me and it's great how Stef really cares about the patient, always looking to help.

Catherine Cawte    8.6.13

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much better I'm feeling. I feel 150% better than I did at the start of the week and put it down to you shifting the energy blocks that I've been carrying. I am just blown away as how you manage to 'move' it along.  It's like you tune into the block, pick it up and move it ~ all in the space of and hour to an hour and a half.  I truly appreciate that I feel I have someone who can help me move to the next level.

Deidre Lack 14.1.13

Some feedback for you guys;

I had an awesome race [2013 Tauranga Half Ironman] and Oh my god NO BACK PROBLEMS for the first time in 5 years! So the wonderful stretching and massages have helped.  I wasn't going out there to place [but placed 3rd in my age and 13th overall] just to keep pace and have no back pain, so exceeded what I set out to do!

Val Morrison  31.1.13

For 30 years on and off, I have suffered lower back pain and daily neck pain on waking! I am simply blown away by the results of our first massage!  After just one session, my constant lower back pain is gone.  The nagging hip pain which spread down my legs has dramatically reduced too.  I'm not sure what you did, but I'm pleased as punch!  THANK YOU